Bringing your attention to what is going on inside and outside of yourself with generosity and kindness.
This is a pathway to inner peace.
This is Mindfulness.


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customized lessons and events

Practice yoga in a safe and accepting environment where I customize the practice to your own needs and wants for individuals, small groups or large groups. It can be intimidating to go to a class not knowing what to expect. I work with you right where you are and tailor a practice that works for you.


Mindfulness Coaching


Our time includes deep listening, mindful conversations, guided meditations, personalized mindfulness practices, yoga movements, selected mindfulness tools and other goodies to support you in living your best life.


"Through her voice, words, attention to love and life around her, she exudes a well balanced life... She has so much wisdom, love and energy, I have grown as a result of her. She is knowledgeable, and knows how to bring body mind and spirit together so I can implement them not only into my practice, but carry into my life."

Patty K.


About Me

I serve successful, leaning in and maybe even overachieving kind of people who are proud of the multitude of roles they play and all the others that they support with great outcomes. I serve those that know how to get it done, how to plan and execute while adeptly juggling work and family time. Oftentimes, these people have now come to a point in life where they are seeking something... different. Something more meaningful, something that is more true to themselves, or maybe just something else. These are my people, I relate.
After 25+years of being that kind of person; my body, mind and spirit pretty much shut down with situational depression, in my case severe burnout from leaning way too far over the edge. I was incapacitated and used therapy, extreme self care, yoga, meditation and mindfulness to recover. I left my career and became a certified yoga teacher and trained Mindful Self Compassion teacher.
That Restart turned out to be a portal that brought me deeper within to explore and tend to my inner world. I’m now my own well established inner landscaper and passionately help others tend to their own inner selves.
I want to support you in fully experiencing your life in an accepting and genuine way.  We can't change what happens to us but we can change how we respond. We can't change others but we can change the relationship to our own selves. It's through what we can change that leads the way on how you experience your own life and how others experience you.
I use the practice of yoga, mindfulness, mindful self compassion and meditation to create mindful living in myself and others.

Mindfulness and Mindful Self Compassion

teaching mindful living

Curious about what mindfulness is and want to learn how to meditate? Set a foundation for ongoing health with the experiences of a powerful mental health practice that can help cultivate a clear mind and new ways of relating to life, stress and pain. This type of practice is to the mind what physical exercise is to the body: a way to stay fit, flexible and focused.

Talks and Meditations

talks and guided meditations

Short learnings on mindfulness, guided practices and ideas for how to bring mindfulness to every day life.


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My passion is supporting people's best lives by integrating body, mind and breath practices of mindfulness in a way that works within their own lives. I look forward to talking with you!

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