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"Susan presented a heart centered yoga session to 100+ individuals at Lurie Children's Hospital's "Heart to Heart Day" (Chicagoland Cardiac Connections). This event brings together children with cardiac devices and their families. Susan shared a beautiful heart centered yoga session, focusing on everyone's inner meet the challenges that life can bring....and the gratitude for life itself. Such a gift." - Tamara J.


"Susan’s yoga style is one of a kind. Members can’t wait to see what she has planned for the next class! Her presence is engaging, calming & settles your soul. I’m not a Yogi. I’ve tried a few different classes because I want to add Yoga to my gym routine. Susan’s class is the only Yoga that I will attend. Its perfect for advanced people or beginners like me." Dee C.


"Susan is a true inspiration. She has a calming presence... teaching me to breathe deliberate breaths and do beginner yoga poses was a gift.  Life is short and my diagnosis with stage 3 cancer eleven years ago taught me to surround myself with positive people and experiences. I truly feel that way about Susan and her abilities to teach."
- Ann O


"Was looking for a deeper experience of what I thought yoga could be. Susan was very skillful with her alignment instructions which helped me to relax and trust her. Her approach is playful, but there is an obvious honoring of the practice and time spent with the yoga teachings and breathing. I feel like I did real yoga. I am peaceful and energized!"
- Marlene R.

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