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Private Yoga Sessions

We start right where you are

Private Yoga

In my years of teaching yoga, I have heard similar reasons from people on why they haven't started a yoga practice. The benefits of yoga are widely known yet it can be difficult to find a class that works for you. Some reasons that I've heard:

  • I'm just starting and feel nervous about being in a class with people who know what they are doing

  • I'm afraid of hurting myself in some of the poses

  • I'm self conscious because I'm not flexible

  • I have injuries or other special needs in my body that require attention

  • I'm too busy to get to a class

I will work with you just as you are and I spend the time to understand what you need and want from a yoga practice.

My sessions include:

  • Personalized yoga sessions continually building and focused on your overall goals

  • Light and safe touch for improved alignment in poses as agreed upon between us

  • My recommended breath work techniques to address situations in your life

  • Daily recommended yoga poses for you to integrate into your life based on what would best work for you

  • Aromatherapy through essential oils to enhance your mood

We build upon the practice from session to session as you progress and as life brings changes, oftentimes the practice will vary.  I can work with you at your home, office or at my home.

Group Yoga

Special events, team building, corporate events, fundraisers, celebrations

I've had the privilege to work with special events and teams to lead inclusive, healing, calming and enjoyable practices of yoga as an enhancement activity.  This can range from professional conferences, strategic development meetings, team building within small businesses where people work closely with each other day to day, offering client appreciation events, family reunions and retreats. I love to work with groups that know how yoga can bring a true sense of togetherness while promoting stress relief, respect and calm amidst typically busy and hectic schedules.

  • Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago Annual Heart 2 Heart Day bringing together patients, nurses and cardiologists for children and young adults with pacemakers and implantable cardioverter-defibrillators. This amazing group of people team up to support children who have overcome congenital heart disease and now come together with a mission to connect young patients to others like them. I shared my own story of congenital heart condition in which I had to have open heart surgery to repair a hole in my heart.  It was through yoga that I found this group and they gave me the honor of speaking and leading the large group through a heart centered series of standing yoga poses and breath.

  • Jemma Marie's Salon held Monday morning yoga classes for their loyal clients.  I offered several 6 week series focused on Finding Inner Peace.

  • Redefined Beauty Bar held team building events with their staff every Monday and featured yoga, held in their office space. It was a fun and casual event that helped them to experience their own work space with a sense of calm and turning inward.

  • Discover Financial Services Headquarters provides a fitness center for their several thousand employees on campus. I taught a weekly Vinyasa Yoga class focused on mindful movement and breath to support rejuvenation in the middle of the day. I also led outdoor yoga sessions for special corporate event.

"Yoga is a spiritual journey of mind, body, breath and spirit. As my personal Yoga  instructor, Susan guided and challenged me to reach new levels of balance. I feel renewed, rejuvenated and committed to practice Yoga. Susan is a source of inspiration and motivation."
-Dr. Julie Xiques-Prieto

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